Wedding Questionnaire

Hello awesome couple! We're getting closer and closer to your big day!

My main goal is to capture images that feel authentic to you and your personality. To prepare, I want to make sure I have as much information as possible. Below is a questionnaire that asks about the practical stuff I need to know about the day. I also ask some deeper questions to give me more insight into what's important to the two of you. 

Partner 1 *
Partner 1
Partner 2
Partner 2
Date of wedding:
Date of wedding:
Will you be keeping your surname? Changing to your spouses? Hyphenating? Other?
Please include friends/family who will be overseeing things, if applicable.
List partner name, location and address
List partner name, location and address
Please give me a rough timeline of the day starting with your arrival for getting ready. Go through time of ceremony, reception, and any other happenings of your day.
Please list the combinations of formal portraits here (keep in mind, my goal is to keep portraits quick and simple so you can enjoy your day). EX: Bride, groom, Bob, Mary Bride, groom, Jane, Jack
i.e., black tie, beach casual, etc.
Give me colors, overall themes, etc.
i.e., flash mob, choreographed dance, surprise something or other
i.e., restrictions on the use of flash, avoiding certain areas, no photography during ceremony, etc.
i.e., head coverings, bare feet, covered shoulders, female-only, etc.
i.e., using a family heirloom, etc.
We've got the days big events covered, but are there little details or moments you want me to be on the lookout for?
Serious, outgoing, loud, quiet, etc.
My goal is to be sensitive to all who will be present and not say or do anything to make anyone uncomfortable.
I would love to be able to properly credit the talented individuals you have hired to help create your day. Think cake, flowers, venues, decor, food, etc. Please list all vendor's roles, business names, website and email addresses. Example: Photography, Elaina B. Photography,,