The details of your life. 

These are your authentic stories - you being you, in the surroundings you love best. 

I believe the best photographs show the everyday. There is no worrying or rushing around. You'll dress as you dress everyday. You'll go about your routine as you normally do. I don't even mind if your house is messy. My mission in every session is to capture the little moments and details that make up the tapestry of your life because one day you|your family|your kids will want to look back and reminisce about life "back then". 

My work is mostly documentary. It's what makes my heart sing and I love to see my clients true sense of self. I've had my work described as quiet. Even in chaos, I am drawn to the little interactions and details that most would overlook. 

So how do does the whole thing go down? 

Prior to your session we'll chat, either via phone or in person. Heck, lets go get coffee and dessert! It's really important to me that I get to know you and your family. I want to know what is important to you, why you want to capture this season of your life and practical things like your routines and the personalities of your family. It's also super important that you get to know me. The more comfy you are, the more comfy your kids are, the better I am able to capture your true selves. 

The day of your session, I will take a little bit of time to meet everyone if we haven't met already. Then I'll slowly begin taking photos. You can read, play games, go outside to play, do dishes. There is beauty in all of it. 

For in-hospital newborn (Fresh 48) sessions, birth and small events, we will chat about what that will look like but mostly it follows the same format as above. Genuine interactions, going about your routine and me capturing it all. 

After your session, I will prepare your photos and present them to you via a custom USB. My typical delivery times are 2-4 weeks depending on the type of event.

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