This Is Us | Bucks County Family Photographer

My photography passion started as a way for me to capture my daughters life. She's not only our baby, but our surprise baby. Born 12 years after our middle son and 16 years after our oldest, we know full well how quickly these years go by.

One of my biggest regrets with the boys is not having many photos of us in our daily lives. I have posed portraits from the studio in the mall. I have posed school portraits. I even have posed photos I took myself. But I don't have photos of them playing. I don't have photos of my middle guy as a baby, naked in the crib because he hated diapers and would always toss them onto the floor. I don't have photos of the boys building towers with legos. I don't have photos of them being them. So photographing our baby now, is my attempt at bottling up and saving these memories for tomorrow. I want her to remember what our home and neighborhood looked like. To see her favorite lovey on the floor. How we liked to go for walks in the Spring and Fall. I want her to be able to show her own kids what life was like "back in the day". A treasure trove of memories. 

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If you would like to have photos taken of your family's details and fleeting moment's I'd love to chat with you! As a Bucks County family photographer, I am passionate about helping other families preserve those special memories as I do for myself.