The Final Walk-Through

When all was done and packed at my moms house, it was finally time to head home. Dale and Brennen had left a few days earlier, driving the U-Haul packed with all my moms belongings while Lil and I stayed behind to finish up some last minute business and cleaning. But before stepping out the door one last time, I wanted to get some pictures of the house. Empty and ready for a new family and new memories. I went from room to room snapping photos, trying to capture the essence of each so that I might be able to remember down the road the lifetime of memories that lived in each. And I was able to get what I wanted. But I also got these. My baby girl, who has only been to grandmas house less than a handful of times, leaving a little bit of her personality and energy in each room. These were her idea. 

My old room in front of the closet

The oldest child's room in front of the closet


Kitchen Pantry

Main Bathroom

Living Room
Living Room- I love this one. It sums up our relationship perfectly. She's my little satellite. Always nearby, always part of what I do. She clings when she needs to but also runs off to do her own thing nearby.