6 on the 6th | Quakertown, PA Family Photographer

So I had this awesome introduction all typed out, hit save and lost it all. Ugh! So frustrating! Apparently, our awesome new verizon router isn't so awesome after all. Insert huge sad face. 

But moving on! I'm super excited to collaborate on a new blog circle with several other talented photographers. We'll be sharing six of our favorite images on the sixth of each month. As a Bucks County photographer, this gives me another opportunity to share my family's adventures in and around the Philadelphia region. I also hope to share some of my favorite client images as well. 

If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! I am a happily married mama of three. I have two older boys, ages 20 and 16, and one sassy 4 year old girl who keeps us ALL on our toes. She was our sweet little surprise. 

As you can imagine, our home is a bit chaotic with everyone going in opposite directions- work, college, high school, daycare and more. So it's extra special when we can get together and hang out as a family. We recently took advantage of the mild weather and went for a hike in the nearby Pocono mountains. We always have a great time together and really LOVE hiking. The boys are like mountain goats and make hiking look easy, so they are usually up ahead exploring. Learning the ropes is our sassy baby. Big lessons like not running while hiking (those darn tree roots!) and being safe. My hubby, who has hiked in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and more is usually tasked with making sure she is safe and having fun. Myself? I'm usually in the back. Sometimes because I'm slower than everyone else, but also because I like to stop a lot and take photos of everyone and everything. I'm also there as backup, keeping an eye on that squirrely 4 year old. She's not too sure she likes hiking yet, but I have no doubt she'll be up with the boys soon. 

I'd love to hear what you like to do to relax with your family or friends! Do you enjoy being in the great outdoors or would you rather hang out closer to home? Be sure to tell me in the comments. 

Also, as I mentioned earlier, this is a blog circle. Once you're done here, click the link to the next blog. And once finished there, click the link provided there and so on and so on. Keep going until you land back here! Super easy AND you get your daily dose of art! Up next is Kloepping Photography! Enjoy! 

Hey! It's me!! Photo courtesy of my hubby. It's nice to finally be in the frame with my little bird. 

Hey! It's me!! Photo courtesy of my hubby. It's nice to finally be in the frame with my little bird.