This is Us | Bucks County Family Photographer

We've lived in the Philadelphia region for almost 16 years now. And for many, if not most of those years, we've missed holidays with our family. So with just five of us, it's hard to justify going all out on holidays. Not to mention it's just not really our style.  So this Easter, we did our traditional gift basket and egg hunt for our youngest around the house. We always did the same for the boys so it's nice to continue the tradition for her. We fill little Easter eggs with fresh fruit mostly, but also like to surprise her with some Hershey Kisses (her favorite)! Afterwards, we colored Easter eggs and then decided to go on a hike!

The weather was perfect hiking weather on Easter and we all wanted to just get out and explore. So explore we did. It was Lilly's first BIG hike where the trails were steep and often required the use of hands and feet. She did awesome! But she wasn't so sure about it all. Guess we'll have to go again to see what she thinks. 

What do you do for the Easter holiday? Anything unconventional? Tell me all about it.

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