First Birthday Session

I'm so excited to share these. I love lifestyle and documentary photography but I don't often get a chance to shoot this style. I was over the moon when mom asked if I would be interested in doing big B's first birthday photos. But I was even more excited that mom was open and interested in a lifestyle session. 

I have older kids. One in college and one in high school. Knowing now how quickly they grow, I wish we would have had formal photos capturing us at home. Capturing the little things. You might not think reading to your kids or giving your kids a bath are photo worthy, but those are the very things you'll want to remember years down the road. You want to remember how they loved sitting at the window looking out. You want to remember how they laughed like crazy every time a drop of water dripped out of the faucet. Those are the things that are so easy to forget years down the road and having photos of those moments will instantly transport you back to those times. Trust me. 

I'm so glad I was able to capture these for mom and dad. And I am honored to have photographed mom's maternity photos when she was pregnant it big B and now, a year later, his first birthday!

Happy birthday sweet guy!