Making Memories

Since my last post regarding my mom, things have taken a turn. Unfortunately, my mother's MRI results weren't exactly what we were hoping for. Despite treatment, there was some shadowing on the other side of the brain. That coupled with some of the things we were seeing led us to believe it was tumor regrowth. So of the two options presented, my mother chose to not pursue any other treatment and to go on hospice. Although I don't like like it, the other option wasn't a cure and I don't believe would have added to her quality of life. 

So with that, we have shifted our focus to making sure she is comfortable and pain free. We're also focusing on quality time. My boys, who are much older used to spend summers in New Mexico with my mom and my hubbys parents. They will have those memories forever. My daughter, however, is only three. And for most of her lifetime, grandma lived in another state. So I really want to make sure she gets to see and love on her grandma as much as possible. Depending on how my mom is feeling, some days we'll sit and watch TV. Other days, we'll venture outside and walk around the building. And for the yucky days (think cold or rain) we stay inside and bring our own fun. 

On this day, painting with Qtips and family selfies!