Her Journey, Continued

 It's been a while since I've blogged. Just when we thought things would slow down, they actually got busier. The months of January and early February were dedicated to daily radiation and chemo treatments. My mom did fabulous with radiation and was able to successfully complete all the treatments. The chemo, she did fabulous with as well, until the last two weeks. Her body just couldn't hold on any longer and her platelet counts plummeted. So much so, that platelet transfusions became necessary. There were many late afternoon/evening trips to the ER. And even a couple of admissions as her other counts dropped. So until just this week, there have been many, many trips to the hospital to stay on top of her counts. Yet, throughout it all, she has remained strong in spirit. We always try to have fun. Whether it be watching TV, reading magazines, snacking on new chocolate flavors, or just chatting. And sometimes, the wee one would tag along for extra entertainment.

As always, my photos are just a peek into my life as I see it. I don't always take my camera to appointments or to the nursing home where my mom is staying. But I do just enough so I can capture her journey and the time we have together.