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Each month, I am participating in a monthly blog circle highlighting my 6 favorite photos each month. I took a month off for the Summer but am back! 

In July, I took some time to focus on street and documentary photography. The highlight was participating in an in-person workshop with the talented Lauren Mitchell of Lauren Mitchell Photography. She has such an eye for light, shadow and shapes. If you haven't checked out her work before, don't miss out. I included three images from our walk around Philadelphia. 

The other highlight of my month was spending some downtime with some of my favorite people. It's always a nice time hanging out, relaxing and catching up. 

We'll be back again next month and I can't wait to share. I already have so many favorites and we're only one week into the month! 

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Street Photography
Philly Street Photography
Documentary Family Photography
Documentary Family Photography
Documentary Photography

6 on the 6th | Bucks County Photographer

Each month, I will be sharing 6 of my favorite images on the 6th of every month. I am doing this as part of a collaborative blog circle with several other talented photographers. So be sure to click HERE to see Hayley's 6 favorite images. 

This month is a mix of personal and client work. I had the honor of photographing not only my family this month, but two other families as well. I love being a Bucks County family photographer. It's just such joy! 

Thanks for joining me again for 6 on the 6th!

This Is Us | Bucks County Family Photographer

My photography passion started as a way for me to capture my daughters life. She's not only our baby, but our surprise baby. Born 12 years after our middle son and 16 years after our oldest, we know full well how quickly these years go by.

One of my biggest regrets with the boys is not having many photos of us in our daily lives. I have posed portraits from the studio in the mall. I have posed school portraits. I even have posed photos I took myself. But I don't have photos of them playing. I don't have photos of my middle guy as a baby, naked in the crib because he hated diapers and would always toss them onto the floor. I don't have photos of the boys building towers with legos. I don't have photos of them being them. So photographing our baby now, is my attempt at bottling up and saving these memories for tomorrow. I want her to remember what our home and neighborhood looked like. To see her favorite lovey on the floor. How we liked to go for walks in the Spring and Fall. I want her to be able to show her own kids what life was like "back in the day". A treasure trove of memories. 

Please be sure to click over to Rachel's blog here to continue the blog circle. 

If you would like to have photos taken of your family's details and fleeting moment's I'd love to chat with you! As a Bucks County family photographer, I am passionate about helping other families preserve those special memories as I do for myself.

6 on the 6th | Quakertown, PA Family Photographer

So I had this awesome introduction all typed out, hit save and lost it all. Ugh! So frustrating! Apparently, our awesome new verizon router isn't so awesome after all. Insert huge sad face. 

But moving on! I'm super excited to collaborate on a new blog circle with several other talented photographers. We'll be sharing six of our favorite images on the sixth of each month. As a Bucks County photographer, this gives me another opportunity to share my family's adventures in and around the Philadelphia region. I also hope to share some of my favorite client images as well. 

If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! I am a happily married mama of three. I have two older boys, ages 20 and 16, and one sassy 4 year old girl who keeps us ALL on our toes. She was our sweet little surprise. 

As you can imagine, our home is a bit chaotic with everyone going in opposite directions- work, college, high school, daycare and more. So it's extra special when we can get together and hang out as a family. We recently took advantage of the mild weather and went for a hike in the nearby Pocono mountains. We always have a great time together and really LOVE hiking. The boys are like mountain goats and make hiking look easy, so they are usually up ahead exploring. Learning the ropes is our sassy baby. Big lessons like not running while hiking (those darn tree roots!) and being safe. My hubby, who has hiked in Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and more is usually tasked with making sure she is safe and having fun. Myself? I'm usually in the back. Sometimes because I'm slower than everyone else, but also because I like to stop a lot and take photos of everyone and everything. I'm also there as backup, keeping an eye on that squirrely 4 year old. She's not too sure she likes hiking yet, but I have no doubt she'll be up with the boys soon. 

I'd love to hear what you like to do to relax with your family or friends! Do you enjoy being in the great outdoors or would you rather hang out closer to home? Be sure to tell me in the comments. 

Also, as I mentioned earlier, this is a blog circle. Once you're done here, click the link to the next blog. And once finished there, click the link provided there and so on and so on. Keep going until you land back here! Super easy AND you get your daily dose of art! Up next is Kloepping Photography! Enjoy! 

Hey! It's me!! Photo courtesy of my hubby. It's nice to finally be in the frame with my little bird. 

Hey! It's me!! Photo courtesy of my hubby. It's nice to finally be in the frame with my little bird. 

This is Us | Bucks County Family Photographer

We've lived in the Philadelphia region for almost 16 years now. And for many, if not most of those years, we've missed holidays with our family. So with just five of us, it's hard to justify going all out on holidays. Not to mention it's just not really our style.  So this Easter, we did our traditional gift basket and egg hunt for our youngest around the house. We always did the same for the boys so it's nice to continue the tradition for her. We fill little Easter eggs with fresh fruit mostly, but also like to surprise her with some Hershey Kisses (her favorite)! Afterwards, we colored Easter eggs and then decided to go on a hike!

The weather was perfect hiking weather on Easter and we all wanted to just get out and explore. So explore we did. It was Lilly's first BIG hike where the trails were steep and often required the use of hands and feet. She did awesome! But she wasn't so sure about it all. Guess we'll have to go again to see what she thinks. 

What do you do for the Easter holiday? Anything unconventional? Tell me all about it.

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